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Care to Join the MS Mosaic Research Team? Become an Artisan

While the MS Mosaic study aims to gather the daily disease experiences MSers have to understand multiple sclerosis, the MS Mosaic Artisans Project hopes to assemble the skills and perspectives of all stakeholders (MS patients, their care partners, researchers and clinicians) to do it. By becoming a Mosaic Artisan, you join a community of collaborators working across every aspect of MS Mosaic.

Participation in the MS Mosaic study is NOT a prerequisite. If you become a study participant, the anonymity of your study data is NOT compromised by your collaboration as a Mosaic Artisan.

Platform Development

Glued to a mobile device or the Internet? Join Mosaic's Platform Development guild, learn what it takes to develop apps/websites, and help create or test new features!

Data Science

Got an MS research question? Join Mosaic's Data Science guild to learn more about data analysis, review or propose new hypotheses, and help find the answers.

Disease Education

While we don't know enough about multiple sclerosis, we know more than people think.  Join Mosaic's Disease Education guild and help improve how the word gets out.

Care Improvement

MS care must evolve.  Join Mosaic's Care Improvement guild to enhance self-care, provider-guided care, and patient-provider communications.

Some Other Contribution?

There's a lot that goes into MS research and management development!  In addition to the guilds described earlier, you can collaborate on project sustainability (i.e. grant writing and fundraising), project promotion, partnership development (with other MS networks), or in ways we haven't even considered yet.