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Piecing MS Together

MS Mosaic is a study that seeks to better understand multiple sclerosis from daily experiences.

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What is MS Mosaic?

Multiple sclerosis is an immune-mediated illness that strips neural circuitry of its insulation, thereby slowing communication.  Many factors determine how these denuded lesions emerge, and how much they impose symptoms.  While we know these factors interact, measuring the interactions is difficult because they constantly change.  As a result, MSers have fragmented experiences that haven't been explained, let alone anticipated.  "MS Mosaic" is designed to gather the fragmented MS experiences together and use advanced computing methods to create the most comprehensive picture of MS to date.

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For MS Researchers

Partner with MS MosaicTM to access a growing dataset of de-identified information to accelerate MS symptom, relapse, disease, or general clinical outcomes studies.


For MS Patients

Contribute your daily experiences, learn more about MS, receive tailored insights into your unique disease, and make your clinic visits more productive and empowering.


For MS Providers

Receive useful summaries of your MS patients' experiences between visits during clinic encounters to aid with informed, joint, decision-making.


About the App

Track Symptoms and Medications

A daily journal keeps track of every day's symptoms and medications


Track Possible Relapses

Worried you might be heading into a relapse? Document the experience and report your concerns to your provider.


Monitor Symptom Triggers

Examine relationships between your symptoms and other body metrics (like sleep, activity, etc) (Requires HealthKit Permissions)


Visualize Your MS Experience

Review cumulative graphics that detail your symptoms and activities.


Get Educated

Learn more about multiple sclerosis, its associated symptoms, and available treatments from trusted sources.


Share with Your Care Provider

Generate useful reports about your MS experience for your provider that inform shared decision making on your care.